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We are artco5

artco5 is not a traditional home interior store. We are a platform where design lovers, passionate designers and up-and-coming artists come together to showcase their designs.

We like the idea to be able to change the feeling of a home with simple home decor. Together with artists we have curated a collection of unique home decor where we emphasize quality and the environment.

As we are collaborating with many artists we can offer a wide variety of different styles. We hope that you will find something that suits your home and style.

Our mission

We appreciate how hard it is as a single artist to get through with your artwork. With artco5 we want to create a platform for artists to help them get through the noise without having to worry about all the things in between.


The idea is that our artists should focus on what they do best - being creative. We will take care of all things related to production, marketing, logistics and customer support.


Through artco5 artists get the opportunity to showcase their designs. Our customers get the big benefit of shopping unique designs from talented artists you simply can't get anywhere else.






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