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You as a customer shall always feel safe when shopping with Artco5. We provide fast delivery, flexible payment and handling returns quickly and easily.

Our terms and conditions apply to all customers who shop at (hereafter called ‘the website’). The company behind the website is the Swedish company  Artco5 AB, corporate identity number 559152-4938, Fredriksdalsgatan 8, 120 32 Stockholm. You can always contact us at [email protected] for questions or concerns.


All orders shall be made through the Website. When you click on the purchase button, you enter a contract with Artco5. An order confirmation is sent to your e-mail directly after you have placed your order,. It is of great importance that you check that the order confirmation is correct. If you do not receive an order confirmation or if the order is incorrect in some way, we ask you to contact us immediately at [email protected], preferably with your order ID if possible.



Orders placed on the website before 15.00 on weekdays will be sent the same day. If an order is placed after 15:00, the products will be sent the following weekday.

We ship orders with Postnord. We do not take financial responsibility for any delays due to the shipping company.



All prices on the website are displayed excluding shipping cost. The shipping cost of an order is charged according to the actual weight and is paid by the customer. Shipping prices varies between 29 - 49 kr (translated to other currencies with daily exchange rates).

If you have ordered and do not pick up your shipment before the shipping company returns the products to us (between 14-30 days), you will pay for shipping in order to receive your products again.  



We comply with the distance contract agreement according to the Consumer Agency's recommendations. You have the right under the distance contract law to return ordered goods without giving any reason. Notification of this shall be given as soon as possible by e-mail, but no later than fourteen (14) days after the products are received. If there are fabrication errors on the product, you will always get a new product at no extra cost. If you detect damage to your ordered products, you must immediately report this to [email protected]. Artco5 will ask you to return the damaged products and we will thereafter send new products to you free of charge.You do not pay the return freight in the event of manufacturing errors, but in the case of other returns you will pay the shipping cost for the return.

Contact us by email at [email protected] for all types of returns and we will handle your return and refund as soon as possible.



Artco5 uses Klarna as a payment service provider with Klarna checkout as a payment solution. You as a customer can use a variety of options for your payment, for example invoice and card payment.

Klarna Checkout

After identification and risk assessment, Klarna Checkout displays the payment options that can be offered to you. Whatever payment option you choose, Klarna or one of Klarna's partners is the one who manages the payment transaction, while the purchase of the item or service is made directly by the store. Product or service-specific questions should therefore be addressed directly to the store.

Current payment options that may currently be offered through Klarna Checkout are invoice, credit card, card payment or bank payment. Invoice is the default payment option.


Klarna invoice

When you pay via Klarna invoice you are safe and easy. You never need to enter your card details, and always pay after you have received your goods.

  • Always receive the product before you pay
  • Payment time always 14 days
  • You never need to submit card details
  • You have always right to 14 days cancellation without giving any reason
  • Possibility to download your invoices from
  • Possibility of partial payment


If the payment is not received, a reminder fee of 50.00 SEK plus a late interest rate of 26.00% will be added. At the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means that credit information is taken. Then you will receive a copy of the credit report by mail. Personal data is handled in accordance with applicable legislation. Klarna handles personal information in order to carry out customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. Personal identification number is used as customer number for customer management purposes.


Klarna Account

The payment method for you who wants to choose how much you pay each month. In addition to the fact that you always receive your goods before you pay, you collect all your purchases in one account. This applies even if you have purchased in several different stores through the Klarna account. This means a single invoice, regardless of the number of purchases.


  • Always receive the item before you pay
  • Pay from 50 kr / month or 1/24 of the total amount
  • You never need to submit card details
  • All your purchases are collected on an account and on one invoice
  • Shop now - pay at the end of next month
  • A service fee of 29 kr, regardless of the number of purchases
  • You can pay the full amount at any time


Example: In case of a purchase of 10 000 kr with Klarna Account basic terms, the setup fee is 0 kr. The current annual rate is 19.90%, which corresponds to an effective interest rate of 29.22%. The credit purchase price is 11458 kr. The number of installments is 12 and each part is 955 kr. The example assumes that the payment will take place over one year.

At the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means that credit information is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit information by mail.

Read more: Terms and conditions

Read more: Standardized European Consumer Credit Information


Personal data

Your personal information is handled in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL) and the GDPR.


Email and SMS

The e-mail address and mobile phone number you enter at the checkout can be used for notification of delivery or other communications related to your order.



Any disputes are resolved primarily in discussion with our customer service - contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to find a good solution for both parties. We follow the recommendations of the Swedish Complaints Board and also refer to the European Commission's Disputes Dispute Resolution Network:


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